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4-Way Cassette Type

Extremely Quiet Operation

By employing a super-high-stream turbo fan (Three-dimensional twisted wing large bore and high efficiency), the wind flow efficiency has been improved. With the under damping slit mounted near the center of the revolving shaft, the abnormal noise which is unique to DC motors caused by the number of magnetic poles and revolution speed of the motor, is reduced.

Unified Panel Sizes

Panel sizes are unifide to a 950mm square, neat and elegance, and well harmonized with decoration.

Compact and Thin

The height of the unit is just 248mm (Less than 24.2Btu/h), so it can be installed in a small space inside a ceiling.

Drain-up Mechanism as Standard Part

With broad range of air supply,is suitable to be used in high ceiling and great space

Input power reduced by applying of new developed DC fan motor

Employed several new technologies such as a ferritic magnetic surface-mounted rotor, centralized winding system and split core system, the motor efficiency is improved in all aspects, smaller and lighter.

Body height easily adjustable in the corner pockets

A pocket is provided for each of the four panel comers, so that the body height can be adjusted easily without removing the panel.