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BMS/H-NET- Systems for management, control and reporting for the individual energy consumption and BMS H-net

Compatible to multiple communication protocol of Lonworks, BACnet, RS-485 etc. Connectible to BMS or Smart Home System.

  • Real-time operation status monitoring for inquiry
  • Operation order from monitoring center

H-NET Management System

H-NET air conditioning management system connects indoor units and computer through net adapter and BUS connection, which can monitor and control utmost 1024 outdoor units and 2560 indoor units and realize easy operation.

Main Function

• Running-state monitoring

• Access control

• Temperature setting limit

• Auto-operating function

• Operation record display

• Malfunction alarm

• Controller limit

• Service monitoring

Air-conditioning Electric Charge Allocation System

Hisense electric charge allocation system consists of meter reading system and air conditioning management system. In accordance with the operation time and capacity output of indoor and outdoor units, the opening degree of EEV, the electric charge allocation software allocates the total power consumption to each indoor unit.

Main Features

• Accurate and timely electricity calculation

• User’s electricity bill reading by the hour

• Electric charge allocation according to multi-rate of peak-vally period of time

All the indoor units and outdoor units connected with one adapter comprise one communication BUS system. Max.64 outdoor units and 160 indoor units can be connected to a BUS system.

Max.16 adapters can be controlled by one computer.

Max.2560 indoor units and 1024 outdoor units are under control.



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